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May 14, 2024

UK’s Independent Cass Review: Medical Transitioning for Minors is a Failure 

“…there were no statistically significant changes reviewed in gender dysphoria or mental health outcome measures whilst on puberty blockers.” – Cass Report

  • “there is insufficient and/or inconsistent evidence about the effects of puberty suppression on psychological or psychosocial health” (176); 
  • “[there is] no evidence that puberty blockers improve body image or dysphoria, and very limited evidence for positive mental health outcomes” (p. 179); and  
  • “the evidence for the indicated uses of puberty blockers and masculinising/feminising hormones in adolescents are unproven and benefits/harms are unknown” (194). 

These systematic reviews all reached the same conclusion: there is no high-quality evidence to support medical transitioning for minors. 

“…if no high quality evidence for medical transitioning is established in the coming years – that medical transitioning for minors is the great medical scandal of our time.” – Dr. J. Edward Les