There are no studies that compare the health outcomes of children and adolescents who receive gender-affirming care with those whose gender dysphoria resolved after puberty without medical or surgical intervention.

“We wouldn’t consider a drug that stunted your growth in height and weight to be a psychologically neutral intervention – because it isn’t…”

Abigail Shrier

“Gender-affirming care” is a misnomer.
It’s not caring at all.

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Among children who exhibit gender dysphoria prior to puberty, approximately 80% will “desist” or out-grow this dysphoria by adulthood.

“The fundamental problem with gender-affirming care is that it misdiagnoses the problem.”

“The solution is not to radically reshape the body through drugs, hormones, and surgery. The solution is to help someone accept and love their natural body. ”

The message from the Alberta premier is clear: children do not have the capacity to make these profound decisions about their bodies.

These developments – particularly the age restrictions for medical transitioning – are enormous.

“Accepting and appreciating that there is a natural connection between sex differences and gender differences is essential for preserving mental and emotional well-being.”

“Biological sex, gender, and gender identity are all connected, not separate.”

So, what are human beings, anyways?